Wattbike Training Support

Wattbike Training Support

To enhance every second of your Wattbike journey, we’ve engineered a unique training package, which as a Wattbike owner or user you can take full advantage of.

Training plans to help you take on every challenge

Whether you simply want to get fitter and lose weight, or you have your sights set on an epic challenge like the Haute Route, we have a training plan to suit your needs.

Every Wattbike training plan features a mix of indoor and outdoor sessions. This allows you to train time efficiently on your Wattbike during the week, whilst still letting you enjoy the open road at the weekend.

We’ve also made sure our training plans are suitable for everyone, from complete beginner to experienced athletes. Within each training plan you’ll find an essential session, which everyone should complete, then you will see one or two optional sessions for the more advanced rider.

Achieve your goals by starting your training plan today

The Wattbike Hub

Wattbike powerapp

Our incredible new app - available on iPhone and Android - is the perfect partner for your Wattbike training. With the Wattbike Hub you can work towards your goals by following one off workouts or specific training plans. You will also get unrivalled insight into your technique in real time - simply swipe during a session to reveal your pedalling technique and power data.

Once you’ve finished your session, your data is automatically uploaded to the Hub, our unique data analysis tool. The Hub lets you analyse every session in minute detail. Whether you want to analyse your pedalling technique, track your power and heart rate, or measure your overall performance, you can do it all for free with your Hub account.

VIDEO HERE [link] https://www.youtube.com/embed/'HbmdfijC1WM